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Bulletin n. 6507

05/12/2022 - 09:26

The number of VLP seismic events (standard values 5-12) is medium, 11.2 events/hour.

The amplitude of seismic tremor is high.

The infrasonic activity is medium. The acoustic pressure of explosions is low, 0.6 bar (standard values <1 bar). The amplitude of puffing is medium, ~60 mbar.

Tiltmeters analysis showed deformation patterns related to overflows and rockfalls produced in the last 24h

Thermal activity of explosive events is high. The number of thermal transients in the NE sector of the crater (standard = 100) is high, 136. The amplitude of thermal transients is low, 10 ºF. Exit velocity of pyroclasts, estimated through thermal camera analysis, is low, 12 m/s.

MODIS thermal anomalies are medium: 83 MW (20:15 UTC yesterday).

Rockfall activity is high. The number of rockfalls is 13 per day.

SO2 flux in the NE sector of the crater terrace is not available

CO2 flux based on the C/S is not available

Indice di Attività Vulcanica: high

  • Seismic (VLP) rate MEDIUM
  • Seismic tremor HIGH
  • Puffing MEDIUM
  • Acustic pression of explosions LOW
  • Thermal activity HIGH
  • SO2 flux not available
  • CO2 flux not available
  • Rockfall activity HIGH

In the last 24h, the volcanic activity was characterized by a series of overflows and rockfalls along the Sciara del Fuoco sector (see Comunicati and related updates), that reached the sea level. These events had produced pyroclastic flows, deformation of volcanic edifice (max 0.3 mrad) and a tsunami wave of 1.5 meters recorded at both buoys at 15:19 UTC. The summit activity show degassing and Strombolian explosions localized mainly in the Central and NorthEast crater sectors. Infrasonic activity is MEDIUM, with LOW acoustic pressure of explosions (max. 0.6 bar) and MEDIUM levels of degassing (puffing ca. 60 mbar). The number of explosions (as thermal transients) is HIGH. The number of VLP events show MEDIUM level (11.2 events/h). Volcanic tremor showed variation in HIGH and VERY HIGH values. MODIS showed thermal anomaly of max. 83 MW recorded the 04/12 at 20:15 UTC. No SO2 and CO2 flux values are available due to presence of ash covering the cameras views. The rockfall events along the Sciara del Fuoco is characterized by a HIGH number of events with HIGH seismic energy. The volcanic activity index is HIGH.