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Tuscan Seismic Network

Fig. 1: Tuscan Seismic Network - Step 1
After Chianti Earthquake of December 2014, University of Florence - Earth Science Dep., with LGS Reserch Group,​ started to deploy a seismic network in tuscany with the aim to monitor the seismic activity in this region and localize events with Richter Magnitude Ml>2,5/3,0. In the first step it will be installed at least 6 stations (see Fig.1). 

All stations will be equipped with a Guralp CMG-DM24S3EAMU​ digitalized and a Lennartz seismic sensor LE-3D/5s (except LAM, equipped with a Guralp seismic sensor​ CMG-6T with a period of 10s and TFR equipped with a Guralp seismic sensor​ CMG-40T with a period of 30s)​. Power supply is provided by solar panels and 12 V batteries.

Data are transmitted through a router/modem 3G/LTE to the Earth Science Dep. where it is acquired  with Earthworm (an open source software that is used globally for regional and local network seismology)  and then organized in a database mysql  with Winston (a Java-based seismic wave server), and finally stored in several backup.

Seismic signals are elaborated in real time by a several scripts in MatLab code which provide:
      • to build a picture with the drum-plot
      • to trigger the recorded events by a LTA/STA algorithm
      • to calculate the Ricther Magnitude for each station
      • to localize each event

Actually we have installed four stations (LAM, TRF, BDM and AMT) and we have planned to install one more within next September (PTM).

​Id Station
​Location ​Elev. (m a.s.l.) ​Seismic sensor​Status
​BDM ​Barberino M.llo (FI)
​466 ​Lennartz LE 3D - 5s
​TRF​Firenze (Arcetri)
​138​Guralp CMG 40T
​LAM​Greve in Chianti (Lamole)
​549​Guralp CMG 6T
​AMT​Abbadia S. Salvatore
(Mt. Amiata)
​1002​Lennartz LE 3D - 5s
​156​Lennartz LE 3D - 5s
in project for next September
(Loro Ciuffenna - AR)
​690​Lennartz LE 3D - 5s
​in project for the end of 2016

Once five stations will be active, we will publish on the web site the pages with the drum-plots, magnitude and localization of each recorded event.

So..... stay tuned!!!

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