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Lacanna, G., Betti, M., Ripepe, M., Bartoli, G.
Dynamic Identification as a Tool to Constrain Numerical Models for Structural Analysis of Historical Buildings
(2020) Frontiers in Built Environment, 6, art. no. 40, .

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Tsunami and tephra deposits record interactions between past eruptive activity and landslides at Stromboli volcano, Italy
(2020) Geology, 48 (5), pp. 436-440.

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Long range infrasound monitoring of Etna volcano
(2019) Scientific Reports, 9 (1), art. no. 18015, .

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Gas flux cyclic regime at an open vent magmatic column inferred from seismic and acoustic records
(2019) Scientific Reports, 9 (1), art. no. 5678, .

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Changes in SO2 Flux regime at mt. etna captured by automatically processed ultraviolet camera data
(2019) Remote Sensing, 11 (10), art. no. 1201, .

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Space- and ground-based geophysical data tracking of magma migration in shallow feeding system of mount etna volcano
(2019) Remote Sensing, 11 (10), art. no. 1182, .

Lacanna, G., Ripepe, M., Coli, M., Genco, R., Marchetti, E.
Full structural dynamic response from ambient vibration of Giotto's bell tower in Firenze (Italy), using modal analysis and seismic interferometry
(2019) NDT and E International, 102, pp. 9-15.

Marchetti, E., Walter, F., Barfucci, G., Genco, R., Wenner, M., Ripepe, M., McArdell, B., Price, C.
Infrasound Array Analysis of Debris Flow Activity and Implication for Early Warning
(2019) Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 124 (2), pp. 567-587.

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Understanding the SO 2 degassing budget of Mt Etna’s paroxysms: First clues from the december 2015 sequence
(2019) Frontiers in Earth Science, 6, art. no. 239, .

Lacanna, G., Lancellotta, R., Ripepe, M.
Integrating modal analysis and seismic interferometry for structural dynamic response: The case study of giotto's bell tower in Florence (Italy)
(2019) COMPDYN Proceedings, 1, pp. 1786-1796.

Lacanna, G., Ripepe, M., Deguy, P., Orti, L., della Schiava, M.
Dynamic identification of the Sansepolcro (Italy) museum and the wall supporting the resurrection of christ by Piero della Francesca
(2019) COMPDYN Proceedings, 2, pp. 2830-2838.

Coppola, D., Barsotti, S., Cigolini, C., Laiolo, M., Pfeffer, M.A., Ripepe, M.
Monitoring the time-averaged discharge rates, volumes and emplacement style of large lava flows by using mirova system: The case of the 2014-2015 eruption at holuhraun (Iceland)
(2019) Annals of Geophysics, 62 (2), art. no. VO221, .

Brogi, F., Ripepe, M., Bonadonna, C.
Lattice Boltzmann modeling to explain volcano acoustic source
(2018) Scientific Reports, 8 (1), art. no. 9537, .

Ripepe, M., Marchetti, E., Delle Donne, D., Genco, R., Innocenti, L., Lacanna, G., Valade, S.
Infrasonic Early Warning System for Explosive Eruptions
(2018) Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 123 (11), pp. 9570-9585.

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Estimating the ground-motion distribution of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice, Italy, earthquake using remote infrasound observations
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Dome Collapse Interaction With the Atmosphere
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Evolution of Conduit Geometry and Eruptive Parameters During Effusive Events
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