PostDoc fellow

My research interests are related to the observation, modelling, and hazard assessment of volcanic eruptive processes:
Observation – I operate geophysical remote sensing techniques (infrared imagery, infrasound, seismic, radar) to observe volcanic processes (pyroclastic emissions, lava flow, lava lake, …), through both temporary and permanent instrument deployments (ad hoc scientific campaigns and permanent monitoring networks). Data analysis techniques include signal processing and computer vision (particle image velocimetry).
Modelling – I develop forward numerical models to reproduce source processes and synthetic geophysical signals, and use inverse modelling to constrain input parameters and subsequent source parameters.
Hazard assessment – I participate in the installation and management of geophysical monitoring networks of active volcanoes (Stromboli, Etna) for the Italian Civil Protection. This involves instrumentation design/installation, and algorithm development/automation for real-time data transmission, acquisition, processing, and web-publishing. Hazard management is approached through development of automatic alert systems, and communication with decision-making authorities during eruptive crisis.


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Phone : +39 055 2757574

Address : Dip. Scienze della Terra, Via G. La Pira n. 4, 50121, Firenze, Italy


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